Monday, August 19, 2013

More on the Market’s Direction

I think the best site I’ve found for guessing the direction of the stock market is VectorVest. Trouble is, that’s a pricey membership service. I believe it’s worth more than its price, so if you’ve got deep pockets consider going for its trial membership. If your pockets are less than deep, visit for its excellent free content. Go to:

Phil Balliett and I have lots of experience with Vector Vest but none with this interesting site: MarketTrak. It, too, presents good, valuable free content, including Stock Market Safety Index. Just now, it suggests the stock market is trading in a low-risk region. See:

Another interesting crystal-ball site: Quantrix. It offers a free trial and subscribers get access to its software. See:

Another alternative is my own DIY model. I go to the Yahoo website, enter the symbol GRZZX (a pathway to Grizzly Short ETF), and there click Basic Tech. Analysis.
There, under Range, I click max. Then, under Compare, I add the ticker VTI (Vanguard Total Market).
Up comes a picture of the compared trends for the two funds. Just now, VTI shows an up trend and GRZZX shows a down trend. GRZZX is a bear-market wonder (up 72% in market-crash 2008). See:

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